Soil Activators

Using a soil activator is a safe, natural way to help your lawn clippings compost and return to the soil valuable nutrients found in grass clippings and thatch. Promotes the chelation of available nutrients, assists in nutrient uptake, and improves the growth of beneficial micro-organisms.

Medina Soil Activator
Medina Horticultural Molasses
Medina Plus
Medina Humate Liquid Humic Acid

Other Available Activators:

  • Eco-Vie Ionic Trace Minerals
  • Actinovate Lawn & Garden
  • Medina Soil Activator
  • Liquid Humate
  • Root Stimulator
  • Super Thrive
  • Other great soil activators also sold at Geo Growers!

Soil Amendments

A soil amendment is any material added to a soil to improve its physical properties, such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. The goal is to provide a better environment for roots.  To learn more details about soil amendments, read more from an Colorado State article.

Ferti-Lome Chelated Liquid Iron
Dr. Iron®
Nature's Creation Expanded Shale
Nature's Creation Tejas GreenSand
Ferti-Lome Soil Acidifier Plus Iron
Ferti-Lome Perlite
Earth Safe Organics Rock Phosphate 0-3-0
Nature's Creation Lava Sand
Ferti-Lome Horticultural Vermiculite

You might also consider having your soil tested before adding soil amendments. There are several kits that can be purchased. After testing your soil, you will have a good understanding of the types of nutrients needed for your soil to thrive. Remember that over time, some soil nutrients get used up by plants. You will need to enhance your soil periodically with additional nutrients.

Other Available Amendments:

  • Rock Phosphate
  • Disper-Sul 90% Sulfur
  • Pelletized Gypsum
  • Ferrous Sulfate
  • Dried Molasses
  • Minerals Plus
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Peat Moss
  • Humate
  • Perlite
  • Other great soil amendments also sold at Geo Gowers!